This book provides an excellent definition of brand value and its components. The authors present a concise way to measure brand value, which instantly shows an organization where to focus to improve the value of their brand—hence the financial health and wealth of the people in an organization. Seeing each person in the organization as a participant in brand value is a valuable insight to understand. The examples and story line show how to go from theory (or talk about) to action and make this book an easy read that ‘pulled’ me to complete the book. Like the tension you experience from wanting to know how a good movie ends, I wanted to know how to apply these new measures to benefit my own organization.”

Ken Meyer, CEO and President, Alignment at Work, LLC


“Ron Strauss and Bill Neal have created a wonderful synthesis of the major issues and forces related to brand value. This book is a critical guide for today’s C-level executives struggling in a fast-changing landscape where the ‘bionic’ consumer is in control, and identifying and leveraging value matters more than ever before.”

Robert Passikoff, Ph.D., Founder, Brand Keys Inc.

Author of Predicting Market Success: New Ways to Measure Customer Loyalty & Engage Consumers with Your Brand


Value Creation highlights a critical, differentiating business asset: the brand. Creating brand value and brand equity should be a top initiative for every business, and Value Creation provides company leaders the strategies, processes and metrics to make the goal achievable and its success far-reaching.”

Rafael Pastor, Chairman of the Board and CEO,

Vistage International


“In all my experience, I have not found another book that covers the topic of brand equity as thoroughly.”

Dr. Larry Chiagouris, Managing Director, Brand Marketing Services